Initial routes to education and training

Closes 10 Jan 2022

Opened 7 Oct 2021


The way we educate and train architects in the UK needs to change. The current system has produced thousands of excellent architects, but it’s also created significant barriers to some people becoming architects at all. We have a vision of how we might modernise the system, by developing a regulatory model that focusses on the outcomes required of an individual at the end of their initial period of education and training. 

We believe that the most important factor is what a newly qualified architect should be able to do – not how they got there. This means that we are open to considering different routes to registration, particularly those which might widen access to the profession.

Why your views matter

We want to work with the sector to create an accessible system of education and training that works for students and institutions, that provides assurance of the quality of qualifications, and produces competent architects for the future.

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  • Anyone from any background


  • Initial education and training
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