Fees for accredited learning providers: your views

Closed 16 Feb 2024

Opened 17 Jan 2024


ARB exists to protect the public and uphold confidence in the profession of architects. We do this by assuring the public that those on the Architects Register are suitably qualified and competent. Our legislation sets out in more detail how we fulfil this important role on behalf of the public. In particular, the law requires us to accredit (referred to in legislation as ‘prescribe’) those qualifications leading to registration. 

Between 2021 and 2023 we engaged and consulted with the profession, with learning providers and other interested stakeholders on significant and overdue reforms to the initial education and training of architects. Those reforms included important changes to the competency outcomes required of aspiring architects, new standards for learning providers and a new risk-based accreditation methodology.  

In October 2023 the Board approved the introduction of three new fees to cover the costs of accreditation. We are introducing the fees now alongside the implementation of our new accreditation methodology. The fees have been set to recover the cost of ARB activities, including the management and administration entailed in quality assurance and decision-making, and the work of the new Accreditation Committee, which includes visits.

Further detail about the fees is available here. This document sets out detail on why ARB is introducing accreditation fees, who will be required to pay them, and how they are to be paid, and invites feedback on the regulatory impact of the fees by Friday 16 February 2024.


This survey

In addition to initial gateway questions that help us understand how to treat your response, you will be asked to respond to the following question:

We welcome stakeholder views on the regulatory impact of the accreditation fees as set out in this document. Whilst we are not able to change anything that is set by legislation, we welcome feedback on the following: 

  • Anything further that ARB should consider regarding how the fees are to be paid. For example, whether there is anything you would like us to know about the timing of learning provider budget setting and the timing at which we invoice for the fees.​ 
  • Anything in the structure of the fees that could have a disproportionate impact on particular groups of students or other individuals, in light of our commitment to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.​ 
  • Any further regulatory impacts to which you would like to draw to our attention.

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